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 World War I revised:

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PostSubject: World War I revised:   Tue Mar 17, 2015 12:22 am

Without the United States entry into World War I there would have been a unique opportunity for a unified Europe in the 1920's if the German Empire had won the war. This in turn may very well have been a pivotal turning point in history if that had happened. Europe united under one common cause by a leader in science and technology could very well have lead to such things as a moon landing as early as the 1940's if not sooner. German would have become the language of choice for those nations wishing to lead the world into the future.

Additionally if the United States had remained neutral throughout World War I then World War II would not have happened. Which in turn means Hitler would never have rose to power and remained an insignificant artist in some backwater town. In truth Germany was less aggressive in World War I and that defeat may very well have lead to a more aggressive Germany twenty years later. The symbolic terror symbol of Nazism would be unknown today and would most likely be replaced by the truly inhuman treatment that counties like Russia and China, that some of our more liberal friends choose to ignore, have bestowed upon their own people over the last century.

Instead a aggressive United States had to stick it's nose into affairs that didn't concern it which lead to countless lives lost over the next few decades. Lives not only of soldiers on both sides but the atrocities that ware committed by a Nazi Germany just a couple of decades later. The lost opportunity for a unified Europe decades prior to the one we attempt to negotiate with today. A nation which would have been unified not only as a nation but under a common language.

Can we really say that those lives lost on both sides and the atrocities were not a direct result of our not minding our own business by making Germany even more aggressive only a couple of decades later?




Yes revisionist history is fun to write.
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World War I revised:
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