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 WWII Genocide revised:

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PostSubject: WWII Genocide revised:   Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:14 am

People point to the atrocities of Nazi Germany but when it comes to genocide Nazi Germany takes a back seat to places like Russia and China. Even the nations of Africa and South America make the camps of Nazi Germany pale in comparison. Come let's reason this out. Why should we ignore the mass murders of other countries and create some sort of horrid B-rated monster out of a country that only executed a few paltry million people? Shouldn't there be a new symbol of horror instead of the Swastika by now? How many of their own citizens can a country murder, even our own, as we turn a blind eye but point to that one event in history as the symbol of evil?

Yes a true perspective of history is called for. Should we overlook the outright slaughter of the Native Americans committed throughout our history until the more recent decades? In turn we overlook planned sterilization of whole groups of people within our own borders in more recent decades? Isn't that in itself a form of genocide? Did it make it all better because they weren't murdered outright but any future generations they might create were? Mean while whole cultural groups of peoples are being murdered by countries we call our friends, or ones we want to be our friends (China), and we turn a blind eye to the events. Then we say that we have the high ground and the moral justification to say that it was 'necessary' in Nazi Germany's case.

Perhaps the hammer and sickle, a gold star, or even stars and strips, might be a more appropriate symbol of horror.




Revisionist history is fun!
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WWII Genocide revised:
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