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 Ohio State vs. Florida State in BCS Championship?

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PostSubject: Ohio State vs. Florida State in BCS Championship?   Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:59 pm

For starters, I am an Auburn Fan.

If two Major college teams are undefeated against decent competition, it only makes sense that those two teams should play against one another in the BCS Championship Game.

According to an article I just read on Al.com, Auburn and Missouri each played 5 top-25 opponents each (both came out 4-1), while Ohio State and FSU only played and beat one top-25 team each.

Ohio State's coach Urban Meyer, when he coached at UF, argued that a one-loss team with a more difficult schedule should be considered over an undefeated team having an easier schedule.  I'll bet he is now wishing he didn't say that.

To cherry-pick an article by Dan Wolken in USA Today-

Quote :
But what can't be debated is that, among the five power conferences, no presumptive champions have played easier schedules than Florida State and Ohio State. And it so happens that they're the two major-conference teams without a loss.

According to Jeff Sagarin's formula, Florida State has played the nation's 66th-toughest schedule and Ohio State has played the 61st toughest. By contrast, Auburn's schedule is ranked 26th, Missouri's is 41st and Oklahoma State's is 43rd.

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PostSubject: Re: Ohio State vs. Florida State in BCS Championship?   Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:47 pm

If MSU beats OSU this weekend all this rhetoric will be for naught. If Auburn beats Mizz and FSU beats Duke, you will be looking at an Auburn/FSU championship matchup. If all 3 win out, I do not believe that Auburn can garner enough votes to over take OSU, regardless of who played the toughest schedule. As of 2005 the SOS now plays only a minute portion of the voting. Only the computer ranking take the SOS into account and that isn't very much.

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Ohio State vs. Florida State in BCS Championship?
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