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 Fructose more toxic than sugar (sucrose) in mice - and humans too???

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Fructose more toxic than sugar (sucrose) in mice - and humans too??? Empty
PostSubject: Fructose more toxic than sugar (sucrose) in mice - and humans too???   Fructose more toxic than sugar (sucrose) in mice - and humans too??? EmptyMon Jan 05, 2015 4:12 pm

The human part is my speculation. I have tried to refrain from using fructose (corn syrup) the last few years.

Complete article from the University of Utah

Quote :
When University of Utah biologists fed mice sugar in doses proportional to what many people eat, the fructose-glucose mixture found in high-fructose corn syrup was more toxic than sucrose or table sugar, reducing both the reproduction and lifespan of female rodents.

...Both high-fructose corn syrup found in many processed foods and table sugar found in baked goods contain roughly equal amounts of fructose and glucose. But in corn syrup, they are separate molecules, called monosaccharides. In contrast, sucrose or table sugar is a disaccharide compound formed when fructose and glucose bond chemically.

... Regardless of sex, the researchers also found no difference between mice on the two diets when it came to food intake, weight gain or glucose tolerance. Sucrose is broken into fructose and glucose monosaccharides before the body absorbs it. So whatever caused the different mortality and reproduction in females on the two kinds of sugar diets, “it has to happen at the point of absorption or before – not once it is in the bloodstream, liver or brain,” Ruff says.

“So we speculate that the different sugars could favor different microbes in the guts of mice. Other research has shown differences in bacterial communities in the gut to be associated with metabolic diseases in rodents and in humans. It’s possible one form of sugar causes more bacteria to get across your gut than another.”...

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Fructose more toxic than sugar (sucrose) in mice - and humans too???
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