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 Moving the He Man Way

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PostSubject: Moving the He Man Way   Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:57 am

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PostSubject: Re: Moving the He Man Way   Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:45 am

Laughing I would have lost something! riminds me of the HillBillys on tv
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PostSubject: Re: Moving the He Man Way   Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:09 pm

lol... I don't know how I missed this.

If only everything was jammed into Hefty bags and this dumbass was driving a Chevy instead of a Ford, I would fear that this actually WAS my stupid, know-it-all (read: actually knows nothing at all), lying, thieving ex boyfriend (GOOD RIDDANCE!). Uhh... Hey, is that my washer and dryer back there??

Long -- but funny -- story about the not-so-dearly-departed ex-boyfriend referred to above. (No, he's not dead. Sad I just kicked his lazy, lying, thieving, leeching, wifebeating ass back home to live with his MAMA in Kansas where he belongs!)

Before I knew what a POS he was and we set upon moving from Kansas to my hometown together, I set down to make a list of all the moving supplies we'd need, and was asking him how his things were packed (I knew they were stored in a huge 2500 ft^2 shop, but had never been out there).

Finally, after many a quizzical look and smart-ass response, he asks me what the hell I'm doing. I had to bite my tongue to explain nicely... you know, since ya put it that way! Right HERE should have been Sign #1 that he was a complete asshole, and I should have left his ass in Kansas (I gave him a pass because everyone -- 1st & foremost ME -- gets stressed and acts like a jerk when moving). He says in a real condescending voice, while taking my mechanical pencil out of my hand and shutting my notebook: "No no no, baby. You don't know how to move professionally. I know how to move. You just leave everything to me." Ahh, yeah. By that time I'd already moved cross-country several times. I *knew* how to move. Professionally. My ex-husband was a professional mover for 4-years and taught me how to do anything I'd not already learned by working in the warehouse for 2 - 3 years. Had I so much as opened my mouth at that point a lot of really ugly, nasty things would have jumped right out and bit him on the face, so I kept my trap shut for the moment. We argued about it later, at which time I learned that his Tried-and-True packing & moving technique is to stuff everything (EVERYTHING!!) into Hefty bags, shove it into the cab & back of a pickup and call it good. Uhh... "LIKE, TOT'S PROFESSIONAL BRO!", and, No sir. Not MY stuff!

But while going out to get some other supplies, I went to the local packaging store to pick up heavy-duty boxes, packing paper, packaging tape... only to learn that it is MUCH CHEAPER at Home Depot... like >2/3 savings on dishpack! As I was buying a metric assload, as much as I hate to do it, I went ahead and whipped around the corner and bought everything from HDepot. Of course "The Genius" as my dad began calling him after he learned all the stupid crap he did to me, had said that he didn't need no stinkin' boxes, so I didn't get his ass no stinkin' boxes. Then when he went out to the shop to pack his stuff, I went to grab a handful of boxes and found that he'd taken them all out to the shop. Jerk.

Then when I kicked his ass out, he USED all of my boxes -- which I break-down and save for future use -- cherry picking the sweet boxes... the dishpack, heavy-duty boxes &c. I did not notice because when I came down to check the load, he had a wall of Hefty bags concealing them... likely full of laundry. The jerk.

I wanted him gone so badly that at the time I did not notice a perfect Washer & Dryer sized hole in the trailer he rented. After we'd both looked around the house and deemed all was well (which I later found it was not... he'd stolen all my Revere Ware, my favorite cast iron pans, not to mention my washer & dryer, the prick), we went back downstairs to the garage and I asked if there was anything else, "Nope, just gotta tie this down... secure the load, then lock-up the trailer and we're rollin' out." I said cool, thanks, whatever... I was very polite even though I wanted to jerk every last one of his teeth out with my Gerber tool. After I went back upstairs he quickly disconnected my washer & dryer, loaded them into his trailer... including all the connections &c.

I made a spreadsheet including original values & depreciated over time values and emailed it to him. The depreciated value total of what he owes me is so large that I am embarrassed to even tell you all what it is. He has either responded with, "I don't owe you shit, bitch" types of lovely little notes or with no response at all. I just keep forwarding it to him over and over and over again. I know how stuff like that really irritates him and gets under his skin, which is my objective if I can't get either my stuff or a money order/cashier's check for what it's worth from him.

I have his mama's email address. Maybe I should send it to her. By all accounts it seems that she and The Genius's three sisters all understand why I kicked his ass out. ??

Nooooo... I don't hold any grudges!! pirat
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PostSubject: Re: Moving the He Man Way   

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Moving the He Man Way
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