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 Bartering, trading, selling and giveaways - important notice

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PostSubject: Bartering, trading, selling and giveaways - important notice   Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:04 am

Morning, all!

We need to mention that our forum host, forumotion, frowns on using the forums for commercial purposes.

That said, if any member has an item they wish to trade, barter, sell or give away, please post it on the "Members Helping Members" thread. If you are offering an item for sale, please don't post the price on the forum. Instead, please write "PM me for more information", and please keep the particulars of the transaction off of the forum.

We are encouraging members to use the "Members Helping Members" category. I know I once gave away a beginner's electric floor organ to a family that needed it just by posting about it on the old PNJ forum. I still feel good about being able to help them.

We can get some great activity going here! Let's do it! Very Happy

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Bartering, trading, selling and giveaways - important notice
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