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 Trump’s Plan To Block The 2018 Blue Wave Is Becoming Clear

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PostSubject: Trump’s Plan To Block The 2018 Blue Wave Is Becoming Clear   Wed May 30, 2018 9:47 am

Even as he vents on Twitter or unfurls long tangents at rallies, Republicans think the president has found an effective message in red states.

President Donald Trump is homing in on his 2018 pitch to red-state voters: It’s a mix of his dark rhetoric on immigration with some conspiracy theories and the occasional reminiscing about his unexpected presidential win — all whipped up with attacks on Democrats as obstructionists and praise for Republicans he’s endorsed.

Republican Party leadership has decided that even with all the risks that come anytime Trump is placed in front of a large, adoring crowd, this strategy could work to keep Democrats from taking over the Senate.

Trump shows little restraint from controversial remarks during his usual meandering, 2016 campaign–style appearances — literally throwing out his prepared speech instead of staying focused on touting tax reform and the economy — as he hits the road more frequently ahead of November. But amid all the ad-libs, he’s also touting his party’s achievements, branding the Democrats running in the toughest Senate races with nicknames, and trying to energize his base to come out and vote for congressional Republicans in states where he could make a difference.

His efforts could give Republicans a significant boost in winning 10 Senate seats in states that Trump won in 2016, while off-script comments in those states get either a pass, if not cheers, from his base in the crowd.

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Trump’s Plan To Block The 2018 Blue Wave Is Becoming Clear
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