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 Even Ann Coulter Is an MSNBC Fan

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PostSubject: Even Ann Coulter Is an MSNBC Fan   Sat May 05, 2018 6:43 am

MSNBC is thriving because viewers are tuning in for the play-by-play of what they hope will be Trump’s downfall. Even a certain one-time Trumpkin can’t get enough.

When MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace’s husband picks up the phone, he’s apt to greet callers with “Hello—The Resistance!”

“That’s just at home,” Wallace told The Daily Beast about lawyer and former diplomat Mark D. Wallace—like Nicolle, an ex-operative on behalf of Jeb and George W. Bush—who these days seems to be channeling the Donald Trump-averse ethos of the lately emergent cable outlet where his wife hosts a highly rated 4 p.m. program.

Nicolle Wallace, a self-described “former Republican,” has yet to claim official membership in The Resistance, but since well before the 45th president’s inauguration, MSNBC had already become a self-reinforcing safe space for viewers who are alarmed by the endless melodramas and ominous idiosyncrasies of Trump’s political persona.

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Even Ann Coulter Is an MSNBC Fan
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