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 Senate Smackdown!....

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PostSubject: Senate Smackdown!....   Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:39 am

Sen Tom Cotton confronted Sen Min Leader Chuck Schumer over the delay in the nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo...It was reported that Sen Schumer had promised republicans an up or down vote to hasten the nomination and then later declined to do so.   Sen Cotton saw Sen Schumer and addressed the problem face to face on the Senate Floor....

      Sen Cotton :       It was our understanding that you promised a vote on nominee Pompeo and now you've changed your

      Sen Schumer :    Had you been here eight years ago you would understand that [name/title] fowh did not get his
                             CIA director nominiee confirmed on immediately

      Sen Cotton:        So you lied to us and never had the intention on giving an up/down vote as promised

      Sen Schumer :    Sen, lower your voice and take this conversation off the Senate Floor....again had you been here
                             eight years ago.....

      Sen Cotton :        Sen, eight years ago I was in Afghanistan getting my ass shot at so don't talk to me about where
                              I was eight years ago

      Sen Schumer :      I was speaking for myself about the promise and it was not a guarantee to take place.

      FYI.      Sen Cotton served in the 101st Airborne Division with combat duty in Afghanistan and now at the age of 39 is the youngest Senator serving today.  Mike Pompeo was confirmed a couple of days later even with the democrats 'obstructing' his and other nominees....Sen Schumer is another in a LONG line of career politicians that have overstayed their welcome/usefulness in politics....He's a slightly more refined version of Dirty Harry Reid but posses the same snake like qualities....Glad to see a junior senator call bullshit on this fossil.....
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Senate Smackdown!....
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