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  Here it comes again.......

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PostSubject: Here it comes again.......   Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:34 am

hrc and her talking heads.....This is a continuation of a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy".....

Those right wingers hacked her and sent/received THOUSANDS of classified e-mails....

Weeks ago FBI Comey was praised by hrc and the left for his non-partisan approach to the e-mail scandal and claiming
there was no intent.....Friday Comey was vilified by hrc and the left for his partisan approach and questioned his
judgment for reopening the e-mail case.....Most on the right said weeks ago that Comey was negligent in his decision
not to indict hrc and was incompetent in the handling of this case....Friday most on the right welcomed the news to
reopen the case to right the negligence and incompetence on the part of the investigation.....

On this forum defenders of hrc said she'd done nothing wrong....well that is except for knowingly transmitting
classified information from her private server....lying....covering up and obstructing a federal investigation into
this matter.....Seems that the person to blame is hrc for her actions and lies but feel free to continue to believe
she's done nothing wrong and/or illegal....
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PostSubject: Re: Here it comes again.......   Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:04 pm

BTW, how many years ago was that email stuff going on? I heard it was 2009. Sixteen minus 9 is 7. Anyone ever heard of the statute of limitations?
She will not be arrested, she will not be indicted, even if it were not for the SOL. Truth is that with the Clintons, there never has been any "There" there. It's all in the fertile imaginations of all the haters.
Yeah, Bill had an affair. Maybe several. None were illegal and all were the business of him and Hillary, nobody else.He was a good POTUS and I believe she will be too.
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Here it comes again.......
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