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 Interesting interview....or maybe nothing new......

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PostSubject: Interesting interview....or maybe nothing new......   Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:18 am

Chris Wallace of FOXNews....[yeah, the only decent moderator]....was interviewing the campaign manager for hrc over the weekend. One of the areas that was discussed was WikiLeaks and the impact on the campaign.
Wallace asked Robby Mook about the leaks and whether or not they should be used either by the media and/or the Trump campaign. Mook answered that they were 'stolen property' and were from the 'Russians' in an attempt to influence the election. Mook added that such stolen property should never be used or accepted as credible.
Wallace then followed up.....accepting your answer....then why was it ok then for the clinton campaign to us leaked information about Trump's taxes?
Mook: We don't know where, how or who released this information about the taxes and no one has taken responsibility for their release.
Wallace: So using them is different how then the WikiLeaks being used?
Mook: Repeated earlier response
Wallace: Then said, then accepting your premise what makes the taxes being leaked and used more credible? Further the leaking of his taxes could be a criminal offense as doing so is against the law?
Mook refused to answer and attempted to change the subject but Wallace asked him...you don't see the hypocrisy in this argument? For, some reason Mook did not see this as hypocritical based on his argument that they did not know the source of the taxes being leaked or whether that too was an opportunity to attempt to influence the election....

Understand many that believe this type of information leaked is or may be underhanded and should not be used due to credibility and/or authenticating the entire e-mail.....but to see it as appropriate to use after condemning usage against your campaign is exactly what it is....hypocrisy.....Further, releasing tax information without permission is a criminal violation so now wonder the clinton campaign knows nothing.....
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Interesting interview....or maybe nothing new......
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