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  Anything new learned?.....

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PostSubject: Anything new learned?.....   Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:48 am

Gary Byrne's new 'bombshell' book exposes the erratic behavior of hrc during her time as first lady....This does however have some irony since it is now hrc claiming that Trump doesn't have temperment and is too unstable to become president... This from the person that called Secret Service Agents "Pigs"...threw a vase across the room and suddenly the president has a black eye...and when an agent greeted her with a 'good morning maam' she answered with a f-you!...
       Now certainly Trump is no poster boy for good and/or acceptable behavior but this isn't the only agent that had White House duty that corroborates the allegations against hrc....The press attempted to smear Trump by smearing him with former girlfriends' comments which the women denied so why isn't the temperment of hrc being questioned?...I know this was the 90's but there have been allegations that she's conducted herself in this manner towards the cowh telling him to call of his f-ing dogs at the justice department about her e-mail scandal...
       Again....guess that what this really might mean is that this election may be the biggest nose holder in the history of the United States...
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Anything new learned?.....
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