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PostSubject: Trumbo   Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:45 pm

I saw it last night on PPV. It was a great movie about somebody I'd never heard of before. This guy was caught up in the House un-Americans committee mess back in the early 50's because he was a registered Communist. He went to jail and came out and wrote screenplays for two Oscar winning movies under other names because he couldn't sell them to the studios under his own. He wrote the Screenplays to Roman Holiday, Spartacus and Exodus. It's a good movie about a terrible time in our history.
I'd hate to see our country go back to those times but some days I think it might happen.
Fear is what causes it and a lot of Americans are scared to death right now of things that are less likely than getting struck by lightning.
Bryan Cranston might just win an Oscar for this one.
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PostSubject: Re: Trumbo   Fri Apr 27, 2018 3:35 pm

I'll have to look for that one Eddard.
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