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 I want me one of these... just can't afford it.

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PostSubject: I want me one of these... just can't afford it.   Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:24 am

Hot off the presses... the "Light" camera.

The full story

A snippet:
Quote :
Behind each of those plastic lenses is a 13-megapixel camera module, each grouped into three different focal lengths. There are five 35mm modules, five of the 70mm version, and six 150mm modules. To make it all fit, the bigger 70mm and 150mm modules utilize what's known as "folded optics," where a mirror faces out and the optics and sensors actually lie perpendicular to the direction that you're shooting. On the back of the L16 is a 5-inch touchscreen, and that's where you'll handle all the controls from changing settings, to zooming, to focusing.

And that's just the L16's looks. Inside, the camera works pretty differently as well. All those different cameras give L16 users an effective zoom of 35mm to 150mm. The L16 can also take the information from all those images and computationally blend it into one high-resolution image up to 52 megapixels big. Light says that this computational photography approach should also create better images in low light while also reducing image noise, two problems that persist in digital photography. It also allows for more control when editing, like the ability to select your focus after you take a picture.

I have a Lytro light-field camera, my cell camera, a Nikon D7000 (4 lenses), a GoPro, dashcams on our vehicles, etc.  But this looks very portable.  The only reason I would like to have it is because concert venues allow small cameras like this, but not ones with removable lenses, like the Nikon... my preferred camera.  And, like my Lytro camera, you can focus the shot AFTER taking the picture.

But, one little problem... $1,200 on a preorder basis and $1,600 next year, when they will start shipping. Ouch!

Ideas are funny little things, they won't work unless you do.
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I want me one of these... just can't afford it.
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