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  Comedian Chris Rock's Observations......

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PostSubject: Comedian Chris Rock's Observations......   Wed May 20, 2015 9:51 am

In response to some black leaders that have said...."White people need to own their actions"

"Yeah...we need to stop feeling guilty for shit we didn't do. It was black people who sold other black people into slavery and the first slave owner in America was black. All the ghettos in America are run by democrats and more white people are shot and killed by cops than black people. Last time I checked it was black people looting their own businesses and killing their own people. So tell me again who needs to start taking responsibility for their actions"........

Sometimes even in comedy there are some painful truths that are pointed out.....Wonder what price Mr. Rock will pay for voicing his opinions?....
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PostSubject: Re: Comedian Chris Rock's Observations......   Wed May 20, 2015 10:27 am

Trading one master for another is not the path to freedom.

For those that wish for govt to provide for and protect them...

look how well that played out for the american indian.
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PostSubject: Re: Comedian Chris Rock's Observations......   Wed May 20, 2015 12:10 pm

So Chris Rock likes to give women drugs and rape them ?  FBI, CIA, NSA, SOROS, anyone ready to pay the hoes to lie?
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PostSubject: Re: Comedian Chris Rock's Observations......   

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Comedian Chris Rock's Observations......
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