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 Google Chromecast

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PostSubject: Google Chromecast   Thu Feb 12, 2015 4:05 pm

Got a Chromecast at a discount the other day.  You plug this little (normally $35) thingy into an HDMI port on your TV, plug it into a power strip and it receives wifi signals from your PC or phone or tablet.  It displays what is on your device onto the TV big screen.

I don't recommend it.  I thought it would mirror my PC with no difficulties, but it doesn't seem to handle the bandwidth needed for video.  Video and audio stops and starts jerkily.  

YouTube videos play horribly as a PC mirror, but YouTube can be enabled where the Chromecast gets the video straight from YouTube off the 'net, rather than sending video from your computer/laptop/phone over the wifi.  There are lots of companies that enable their web-based content for Chromecast, like NetFlix, ESPN, Vevo, NPR, Pandora, HULU Plus, etc., but not all websites are enabled for Chromecast.

It is great for showing pictures from your phone and showing what's on your PC screen.

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Google Chromecast
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