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 Scientists engineer 'lab-grown' penises, soon to be tested on humans

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PostSubject: Scientists engineer 'lab-grown' penises, soon to be tested on humans   Mon Oct 06, 2014 9:31 pm

As a result of a breakthrough in bio-engineering, lab-grown penises could soon be ready for testing on humans.

Professor Anthony Atala at North Carolina's Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine has been overseeing research into organ engineering for years, news.com.au reported. In 2008, his team successfully engineered 12 male sex organs for rabbits with the goal of eventually being able to create penises for men with congenital abnormalities or traumatic injuries.

Now, six years later, researchers have been able to grow human penises in the lab, and are working to ensure safety, functionality and durability before they are tested on human subjects.

I want to see a picture of this lab with all these growing penises Laughing

wait, wait wait... I also want to knw what kind of Quality control test they are performing to ensure safety, functionality and DURABILTY. Wink
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Scientists engineer 'lab-grown' penises, soon to be tested on humans
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