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 Cell phone providers

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PostSubject: Cell phone providers   Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:21 pm

I'm getting ready to change cell phones and providers from AT&T to a different provider.. With NO local tower along Gulf Beach between Navy and Blue Angel, the services is bad at best.. I can stand in one spot outside and have decent service, turn around in the same foot prints and lose service.. I have an iPhone and am thinking about changing due to poor service as well as poor customer service from AT&T.. Cindy can hold her phone at mouth level and not have service, but in the same exact spot, can reach as high as she can and she gets service.. The people in the stores say they can fix the problems with the new iPhone coming out in a few weeks.. They have been saying that AT&T is putting a tower up close to the base for the last 10 years..

What is the best phone also??
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Cell phone providers
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