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 cowh Military Budget Plans......

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PostSubject: cowh Military Budget Plans......   Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:17 am

An Army Sgt with a family of four will lose $1400.00 annually
An Army Captain............................lose $2100.00 annually

Subsides at domestic military commissaries that provide military families with low cost goods will be reduced.

Only medically retired veterans escape proposed cuts to healthcare co-pays and increased deductables

In five years...Active duty Army....520,000 to between 444,000-450,000
Marines....190,000 to 182,000
Navy Combat ships....from 52-32

AND.....our wonderful Sec of Defense Chuck Hagel acknoweges there are RISKS in a smaller ground force!...

Gotta wonder how many food stamp recepients....welfare recepients and other entitlement receivers will be cut and/or froze in their freebies?....The good news....there are both democrats and republicans that are lining up in oppositions to Chuck's budget proposals...could it have something to do with the upcoming elections?...
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PostSubject: Re: cowh Military Budget Plans......   Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:35 am

Same old circular path, reduce forces and equipment then when the operational demand rises an all out spending spree occurs to try and meet the demand. It takes time to train quality troops and obtain quality equipment. There is a LOT of waste in DoD and much of that can be attributed to incredibly complex purchasing requirements and a massive administrative infrastructure, cut the waste and trim the civilian side of the house - not the war fighters. When you need a properly equipped and trained war fighter a civilian purchasing puke won't be a suitable replacement.
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cowh Military Budget Plans......
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