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 "Tommy" -- Super Deluxe Reissue

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PostSubject: "Tommy" -- Super Deluxe Reissue   Sun Jan 05, 2014 8:21 pm

GR & other Classic Rock fans:

I've been meaning to post this since I began hearing about it on the radio in November, but you know... no internet, night shift, totally forgetful at (almost!) 42... the list goes on, haha.

Anyhow, I am really excited about this reissue, and someday when I can afford it I'mma buy it for myself. Meanwhile, if any of you all buy it and you would not mind sharing a copy, let me know and I'll shoot you my mailing address and maybe we can work out a good trade. I do have a lot of cool music of all different genres. I've several really nice boxed sets and DVD shows from Austin City Limits, my favorite being Stevie Ray Vaughn's show... it was freaking *stellar* and was recorded shortly before he died. I am a pretty tough cookie, but I'll admit that I shed a few tears when I learned of his passing. Tragic.

Anyhow... thought I'd post this in the case that you all had not heard the good news Smile.


There is likely a better article on the reissue, but this was the best I could do from my crappy intermittant roaming 3G phone connection :/. If you happen to look for ar better article & find one, would you kindly post it here for me? Danke!

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"Tommy" -- Super Deluxe Reissue
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