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 Daily Kos attack on Chumukla Redneck Parade

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PostSubject: Daily Kos attack on Chumukla Redneck Parade   Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:27 pm

I received a political e-mail from my brother today with an attachment from Daily Kos. Apparently, they decided to attack the Redneck parade that is held down in Chumukla every year. I'm assuming my brother thought I'd be annoyed at the folks down there for the fact that Chumukla was described as a small, 95% white community near Pensacola. He figured it would annoy me that such a negative event could bring such bad publicity to my own city here.
Problem was, I was at the parade last Saturday and got a hoot out of it. The world is full of political correctness, and this is one of the most politically incorrect events held anywhere in America every year. Why can't we find a sense of humor as a nation and get over ourselves and our past for one day a year and just get a laugh out of a good farce? Or, if you're a participant in the redneck parade, maybe even out of a good fart.
My brother was deeply offended by the Confederate flags lining the parade route. Those were brought there by various onlookers who were attempting to show their "redneckiness." Within the parade itself, I only saw one Confederate flag, and several American flags. The floats were very funny, the men and women cross-dressing float tied together with Duck Tape was hilarious.
My brother can go stuff himself.  He can think he's  a  better person than me. But I'm gonna have more fun.
And since I'm sure of my own thoughts and feelings, I'm not worried about some guy dressed as a woman with fake hooters and  flying a Confederate flag destroying me emotionally.

By Gawd, them there rednecks in dresses might be mighty purty, but they can't turn me gay.
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PostSubject: Re: Daily Kos attack on Chumukla Redneck Parade   Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:51 pm

I saw a few pics... not all of 'em, mind you.

But it looked like a fun parade.

More power to 'em.

Ideas are funny little things, they won't work unless you do.
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Daily Kos attack on Chumukla Redneck Parade
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