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 The Ritchie Incognito drama....

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PostSubject: The Ritchie Incognito drama....   Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:11 pm

Just wondering what you guys think of what happened down in Miami? Football is a rough sport, and the Dolphins signed Incognito knowing he was something of a dirty playing jerk when he joined the team. He seems to have behaved himself up until this Jonathan Martin thing, but he went way overboard with his bullying when he threatened to hit Martin's mother in the face. Apparently, he laughed after he said that, so it could have been a joke, but the racial epithet was probably the overriding factor in his suspension. Sources say Incognito won't play for the Dolphins again, and I can't see Martin going back to that team either.
As a matter of fact,with the culture of the NFL, I doubt Martin would ever be made comfortable with any other organization either.He's always going to have the stigma of being the whistleblower, and the macho men of the NFL would most likely always hold that against him.
It's a shame,but I think both those guys careers are over for good.
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The Ritchie Incognito drama....
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