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 Gotta relate a story

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PostSubject: Gotta relate a story   Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:16 pm

I took "The Soph" to the vet today and was met with 2 well groomed women (certainly better than I) who were holding a medical crate. They were more than pleasant as they helped me push The Soph into the lobby.

Curious I asked what was in the medical box.

It turned out it was a stray cat who had appeared at GB Hospital shortly after Ivan. The hospital staff considered her their "therapy cat" and went out to pet her after any emotional upset. She was super important to them although she appeared to not have a name or "home".

We talked further and it was obvious that they knew her well. For some reason she suffered nerve damage of some sort and they whisked her in this am.

I went back to pick up The Soph this afternoon and while my Vet and I were discussing her options they Tech came in, very apologetic and asked if the 20 people from the hospital could visit their cat.

She apparently is doing ok, but I was so impressed with the outpouring of love for this cat.

My Dad died in that hospital and it gave me a great sigh of relief to know that hospital staff does care.

Kudos to GB Hospital staff!!!!!! You touched my heart today.
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Gotta relate a story
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